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Quarantine Struggles

As wives, we are one with our husbands. We are completers and helpers, but I question what I can do to help, especially right now. I can’t fix this pandemic. I can’t fix this economy. I can barely fix dinner some nights. How can I be the helper he needs in a time of crisis? Here are 11 Ways Your Husband Could Be Silently Struggling During Quarantine.

The Blessing

I tutored my daughter’s 2nd-grade class in our homeschool co-op. That year we were memorizing the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20, complete with hand motions and anything else we could possibly think of to get 7-year-olds to remember words scribed by the finger of God onto stone tablets thousands of years ago. Is this the …

Grandpa’s Legacy

Have you ever been with someone when they breathed their last earthly breath?  I have, only twice.  In September I had the privilege of standing by my Grandpa’s bed as he stepped out of his earthly shell, and into eternity with his Savior. He lived until his dying day at 91 in the small railroad …

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