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Quarantine Struggles

As wives, we are one with our husbands. We are completers and helpers, but I question what I can do to help, especially right now. I can’t fix this pandemic. I can’t fix this economy. I can barely fix dinner some nights. How can I be the helper he needs in a time of crisis? Here are 11 Ways Your Husband Could Be Silently Struggling During Quarantine.

Peace in Covid

25 Verses for Peace and Comfort in Scary Times Hard to believe it was over a month ago now. I was getting ready to pick up my daughter from school and take her to golf practice when I got a school-wide text. Golf practice would be canceled for the day as well as the next …

Fun with Richmond Family Magazine

  Make and Take Kindess I recently had the opportunity to work with RIC’s own Richmond Family Magazine.  If you haven’t picked up this gem, it is chock-full of good stuff for families looking to be inspired, enlightened, informed, or entertained.  Whether you’re looking to find out what’s new in town, something fun to do …

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