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    amytemple9815 says:

    I’m a brand new subscriber. Just received my first post today.

    I was born and raised in Indiana. I now living in Florida pursuing a career as a freelance writer/blogger specializing in non-fictional inspiration and motivation. I also self-employed as a dog sitter.

    Like you I am a woman of faith who has personally been healed by God from the trauma of being bullied, harassed and discriminated against because of my learning disabilities. I have written a memoir titled I Am Not Stupid which is available through Amazon if you are interested.

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    Hi, and welcome, Amy! It’s great to meet another sister in faith! I love your testimony, and it sounds like your memoir has a powerful message that will help others. Keep on writing – only you can tell your story!

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    Julie Flippen says:

    Hello! I grew up in Richmond too! I was born at St Mary’s in 1971, attended Freeman HS. I would love to be a pretend farmer ??‍? also- my Dad grew up on a farm in NC – I used to love to visit when I was a kid. What area did you live?

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      Hollie Gilman says:

      Small world, Julie! I grew up in Chesterfield, but my husband went to Freeman too! 🙂

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    Love your website Hollie. Looking forward to reading more of your post. I’m currently writing my book/workbook about anxiety disorder and I am finding it hard to get the last parts done. Any tips on how to fight writers block? Thanks miss you much

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      Hollie Gilman says:

      Hi, Shante! So good to hear from you. That is a great question! Every writer is gonna look writer’s block in the eye at some point. When I study what other writers have to say about it, the answer seems to be B-I-C time. Butt-In-Chair – Ha! Sometimes I have to sit down a write a bunch of mess before one good sentence comes out, but I find if I just keep writing, the gold will be in there somewhere. Don’t give up – just keep plugging along, and it will happen. I recommend reading The Slight Edge if you haven’t yet. It’s all about the baby steps we take to reach our destination. You got this! Good luck on your book!

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