Begin as You Mean to Go

Time for goals.  Where am I going, and how will I know if I get there?

I need to have a purpose in honing my skills and capturing those pressing ideas – the ones that tumble around in my head until I get them out.  My challenge has been that I jot down the idea in a notebook, and it is like I have put the ball in someone else’s court.  Only that someone else is me, so I need to pick up the ball and develop those ideas.

For now, I’m keeping it simple.

  • Write daily.  Produce something.  Be in the habit of writing.
  • Publish 1 entry per week.  This way I’ll be forced to produce something of reasonable quality.  Hashtag discipline.  Hashtag Slight Edge, baby.

I imagine these ideas will morph over time, but for now this will do.

If you’ve never picked up The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, I HIGHLY recommend it.  But only if you’re the type of person who has ever started something and not finished it.  I know – there are only of few of us out there.


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