Canned Snaps from MeMaw

Because you can never have too many.  If you’re not from the South, you may need an interpreter to fill you in – “snaps” are green beans.  “String beans” are also green beans, in case it ever comes up.

I am continuing to filter through MeMaw’s belongings and brought home just one of her recipe boxes in hopes of finding handwritten ones of the favorites I remember. I had just begun to look through them when two recipes for “Canned Snaps” surfaced.

One of my favorite things to do when we visited during the summer was to snap beans or shell butterbeans.  If you’ve never sat on the front porch in the cool of the summer’s evening snapping beans, do it immediately. There’s nothing more therapeutic.

I love how one is written on the torn paper from the roll that hung by the phone on the wall, as though it was a new discovery that needed to be captured before it was lost.

I love that she had two recipes, as though she didn’t already know how to make them in her sleep.

I love how she wrote “put in jar” and “seal” as steps, as though we all know exactly how to proceed with that.  We city folk are going to need a little more direction, MeMaw.

She would get tickled at that.

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