Love Where You Live

RIC, the River City, or should I say Rivah?  The Capital of the South, Good ole RVA.  We are a city identified by our river, and therefore our bridges, our history, our cobblestone streets, our monuments, our Hills, Ends, and Sides, our humidity, our one-way streets, and most recently, our restaurants – Hooray!

Nobody ever leaves Richmond, I always say, and it’s mostly true.  We are really just a big small town.  If you stay here long enough, and you will, you will start to run into people you know, used to know, knows every else you know, or all of the above, wherever you go.

We are a growing city and a well-beloved one at that.  What’s not to love?  Really, the answer is nothing.  On a beautiful day, you can stroll the River Walk, raft on the James, or hang out on Belle Isle.  If you’d rather be inside, try one of our museums.  My favorite spot of all time since I was a child is Maymont Park.  So much to do, so much to see.  On a recent visit to Charleston, SC, our buggy driver so eloquently summed up, “You can’t swing a dead cat in Richmond without hitting some history.”

Michael was born in St. Mary’s Hospital, and I moved here when I was four years old from Appomattox, VA.  My heart is to have adventures, see the world, travel, and find new experiences.  I married a hometown boy, and we have put down roots and created a life for our family here, where we’ve always been.

But the desires of my heart are not gone for good.  Though I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, my wanderlust isn’t washed away.  Maybe you can relate.  One day we will devote more time and resources to seeing the world, but for now, I am determined to explore, appreciate, and see with fresh new eyes all that my hometown has to offer.  I resolve to love where I live.

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