The Last Ride

I discovered a sweet blog this year.  Coffee + Crumbs is full of stories by moms, for moms.  From the daily grind to the unthinkable, as parents, and as mothers in particular, we are taking part in this massive, universal, shared human experience.  

Coffee + Crumbs published a little essay I wrote.  I hope it touches your heart.

Thanks for reading.  Follow me if you’d like to keep up.  I’ll be updating soon as to what we’ve been up to and why there’s a huuuuge gap in my writing!

About Author

Hollie Gilman is a freelance writer who has spent the last 21 years momming, homeschooling her 3 almost-grown-and-flown children, and working with her husband of 24 years. She is a lifelong passionate learner in all things Faith, Health, and Leadership. Right now she is loving her new life in the country (being a pretend farmer) just outside her hometown of Richmond, VA. Her blog is where she spills her guts on the things of the heart we all share: faith, life, love, family, and anything else that tumbles through her mind.


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    Wow. Makes me want to savor those rides and experiences with my pre-driving teens. These moments are fleeting, aren’t they? The days are long but the years are short. Thanks for sharing Hollie!

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      Hollie Gilman says:

      So short! Thanks, Jeni!

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