Intro and the Fam – a.k.a. “About Me”

These people are my BEST.  I picked the above photo because we all look perfect, thanks to the photographer.  She worked her magic.  In real life, this is what we look like.

Fam at Maymont

This pic was on Mother’s Day this year.  May 2017.   These guys took me on my dream Mom’s Day outing to my favorite, favorite place in our city, Maymont Park.  See that ah-mazing tree in the background?  The place is overflowing with them.  Someday I am going to accumulate all the money and convince the city to sell it to me for my personal residence.  Sorry, fellow Richmonders.

That handsome guy on the right is my man for 21 – and going strong, real strong – years.  He is everything I’m not.  Strong, stable, non-reactive.  He grounds me in every way.  He builds me up and loves me so well.  God knew what He was doing when He put us together.  Side note – God always knows what He’s doing.

On the very left is my oldest.  He is a special guy, and I’m sure I’ll say more about him in the future.  He has been through some crazy stuff in his 18 years.  We found out when he was 9 that he had a type of brain tumor. It was benign, praise God, but a brain tumor none the less.  When something like that happens to you as a child, it changes some things for you.  But this guy is the definition of a winner.  Yep – look him up in the dictionary.  He has not for one day let anything hold him back.  He’s crazy smart, ambitious, hard-working, and is pursuing Christ with all his heart.  Proud, proud, proud.

The “middle child” is up top there.  He showed up only 15 1/2 months after his brother.  Non-math people, that means I had a 6-month-old when I found out he was on the way.  Yes, I cried, but only for a little while.  It was worth it.  I digress.  His personality precedes him.  He’s the fun guy.   You can’t tell in this pic, but his eyes are stunner.  Ever since he was a babe, people out in public would gasp, “Where did you get those eyes?!”  So he always answered in the most articulate little baby voice, “From God.”  He is still a stunner.  This guy has a tender heart, full of mercy, and people see it everywhere he goes.

My “baby” is also the only girl.  We decided not to find out what we were having when I was expecting her even though we had found out with the boys.  I wanted to at least pretend I was having a girl for those 9 months, so I bought all the pink stuff.  I’m not even a pink person, but my heart’s desire was to have that baby girl.  At first, her daddy, who has two brothers, said he wouldn’t know what to do with a girl.  Let me tell you a secret – he figured it out pretty quickly.  Those two are tight.  She is such a special soul, so creative and caring,  And “she knows what time it is.”

We reside in the RIC – Richmond, VA.  Well, in the burbs.  Michael was born here, and I moved here when I had just turned 4.  So as I like to say, we’ve been here FOREVER.  There may be a little angst in that expression, so more to come on that topic I’m sure.

There you have it.  I’m a Christ-follower, a wife, a mom, a home educator – though I’m working my way out of that job, and a business owner.  Oh, and a blogger.

So Welcome! Stay awhile, Read the Latest, and Say Hello! 

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