May We Not Forget

Some of us are starting to emerge, still trying to survive, get by, thrive in the middle of this global crisis. Maybe it’s too soon to talk about, but every day I try to focus on the good. What are some positives that have come out of this? And it helps me to look forward and smile. I know wholeheartedly this too shall pass, and I don’t feel fear. But I do sometimes feel loss. We have all lost things, and I pray these are the things we will value even more when we come out on the other side. They are the things that matter.

Just a few weeks ago the crisis seemed far away. It wouldn’t affect me. Then the world changed. Just a few weeks ago we were planning graduations, weddings, proms, parties, baptisms, anniversaries, vacations, business meetings, and family reunions. Then is stopped. Just like that.


A few short weeks ago, we hardly had time for all the things in our lives. We filled our time with work, entertainment, sporting events, practices. Now we have time to think about what is most important. What do we want to fill our lives with?

Am I the only one who has felt some relief from the burden of a busy schedule? I love what I’ve filled my life with, but I am thankful for the break to reevaluate and appreciate the things I care about most. It usually isn’t OK or socially acceptable to bow out of events, to say NO. Now we have no choice.


A few weeks ago, the stores were filled with shoppers, each one keeping to themselves with their ears plugged, talking to friends, listening to music as they walked around, being careful to avoid interaction with others for no reason other than being too busy or wanting to stay plugged in to their devices.

Now we avoid each other in stores out of politeness, out of concern for each other and the world. Now we can’t interact. And I miss it. Now we long to see a friend face to face, even if it is from 6 feet away. We miss giving the hugs we can’t give.

I had been mourning a world that seemed like they wanted to stay disconnected, keep to themselves. I pray we come out on the other side of this realizing how much we need each other. I pray we don’t take each other for granted. I pray we appreciate human interaction more.

I pray we never forget what we learned in crisis.

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