But some things remain the same.

I bought this ornament years ago when my kids were little. I’m not even sure my youngest was born.

It became our tradition every year that we would hang this ornament first, front and center, to remind us that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

We put Him first.

This year for the first time ever we purchased a fake tree. We purchased the tree because the only real trees left by the time we went shopping were less than lovely. And we couldn’t go sooner because we were quarantined with COVID. So we decided a fake tree is better than no tree at all.

We put Jesus on our little fake tree first. He is still the reason we celebrate, and while things look different this year, I am thankful that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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Hollie Gilman is a freelance writer who has spent the last 21 years momming, homeschooling her 3 almost-grown-and-flown children, and working with her husband of 24 years. She is a lifelong passionate learner in all things Faith, Health, and Leadership. Right now she is loving her new life in the country (being a pretend farmer) just outside her hometown of Richmond, VA. Her blog is where she spills her guts on the things of the heart we all share: faith, life, love, family, and anything else that tumbles through her mind.

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    What a great simple tradition to keep the start of the season focused. We may steal this and use it next year!

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